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Break free... Breathe… Detour… Retreat… Renew…

We invite you to a three-month spiritual program in which only 15 applicants will be accepted.

Discover and experience a new perspective in life in a meditative lifestyle guided by the Buddha’s teachings adapted into the modern world of converging cultures.

  • All applicants shall be screened and interviewed by the organizer.
  • Accepted applicants shall be entitled to free food and boarding in the temple .

The Program

FGS Philippines Humanistic Academy of Life and Arts is a temple stay and study program open to those who want to learn a new way of life, to take a break from the world, and to cultivate spiritually, whatever religious background they
are from.

Objective: To gain spiritual experience through living a simple life


  • Three-month boarding, from September 15 – December 15, 2012
  • Venue: Bacolod City (Yuan Thong Temple) and Manila City (Mabuhay Temple)


  • Spiritual training: Introduction to Buddhism, Buddhist Etiquettes, Attitude of Eminent Monks, Study of Fo Guang Shan; Monastic life experience

  • Professional lessons: Meditation and Arts, Everyday Emotional Quotient, Language class (Mandarin), Practices in the five halls

  • Vegetarian diet only

  • Communal Work: Washing clothes and dishes, Gardening, Cooking, Cleaning

Rules in the Temple:

  • Vegetarian meals only

  • Wear black loose pants and t-shirt

  • No short pants, low cut, halter or sleeveless clothing

  • No make up, perfume and jewelry

  • Separate living quarters for male and female students

  • Wear sport shoes with socks during class hours

  • No air–conditioning in room, temple, and school

Accepted scholars will start the program at Bacolod Yuan Thong Temple. Midway, the entrants will travel to Manila Mabuhay Temple and continue the program there. This change of environment will be beneficial to the students as they learn how to adjust to a different temple location.

Organizer:  Fo Guang Shan Education Council

Sponsor:  Fo Guang Shan Philippines



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